Geocaching in Ii

The municipality of Ii has launched its own, eight-part geocache series called “Roots in Ii”. The series aims to showcase Iis breathtaking nature, as well as people of national renown who have their roots deep in the soil of Ii.

The location information required to find the geocaches, i.e. their coordinates, can be found on the website Finnish users can also register on the Finnish site, which presents data retrieved from the international site. Registration is free. If you want to try geocaching, all you need is a working internet connection and a suitable GPS device or a smartphone. You can also find geocaches by simply using a map.

The caches are located in Ii, Kuivaniemi, Olhava and Oijärvi. By logging in to, you can access coordinates that will lead you to beautiful scenic locations and allow you to get to know both household names and lesser known figures from Ii.