Sailing and Piers in Ii

Harbors with service

Iin Röyttä Island

Röyttä island is located in the Gulf of Bothnia Bay, roughly 20 kilometers north from City of Oulu. The nearest harbour on the mainland is Praava, about four kilometres from the island. The island can be freely accessed by your own boat or by boat transport from Praava, Ii, in summer and across the sea’s ice cover in winter. The origin Röyttä comes from an old Finnish word for “reef".

There are a large variety of habitats on Röyttä. Its deciduous-dominated old-growth forests with plenty of decaying wood are extremely valuable from the perspective of nature conservation. The sparse number of trees is due to Röyttä’s
grazing history and the use of the island for ship-loading activities.

The beautiful sandy beaches of Satakari Island are to be found on the southern side of Röyttä. Except for its built southern tip, Röyttä belongs to the Röyttä Natura 2000 site.

Coordinates: 65°16.3’ N, 25°13.0 E
Harbour number: 1927
Nautical chart series: G
Nautical chart: 847, 850, 57, 58
Mooring: buoy
Visitor moorings: 80
Draught: 2 - 3 m

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VATUNKI harbour

Vatunki is maintained by the Municipality of Ii, and has a fuel distribution point, a caravan site, a service building. The harbour has pier moorings for both fishing vessels and recreational boats. Out of the six
piers, two are used by fishermen and one is reserved for visitors. Septic tanks cannot be emptied at the harbour. The harbour also has a modern production plant for the farming of fish. There is a shore that is suitable for bathing and a wind power park in the vicinity.

The name Vatunki comes from the Swedish word vatungen, which means rocks sticking out of the sea.
Nature trail at Vatunki, you will see a memorial to the Crimean War, reminding us of the attempted invasion by English soldiers in 1854 that was thwarted by civilians. You can explore the matter more closely on a nature trail located 1.5 km away.

Coordinates: 65°33.2’ N, 25°07.0 E
Harbour number: 1938
Nautical chart: 849, 850, 58
Visitor moorings: 10
Mooring: boom
Draught: 2 - 4 m
Services: waste management, water, boat ramp, toilet


Rantakestilä Boat Harbour is maintained by the Municipality of Ii. The harbour has three piers, one of which is locked. The visitor moorings are to be found at the pier next to the fuel distribution point.
From Rantakestilä it’s possible to reach the visitor berth on the shore of Ii’s municipality office, by boat along the river Iijoki. The boating route there via the southern fork of Ellalanniva requires extra attention. There is a direct connection from the visitor berth to the centre of Ii and to the old trading post of Wanha Hamina.

Coordinates: 65°19.5’ N, 25°19.4’ E
Harbour number: 1930
Nautical chart series: G
Nautical chart: 850, 58
Visitor moorings: 3-5
Mooring: boom, side-on mooring
Draught: 2 m

The Kestilä steam sawmill, which was the first steam sawmill in Finland, operated in Rantakestilä from 1859-1908. The well preserved chimney serves as a reminder of the former sawmill.
The Rantakestilä area is known for its professional fishermen; fishing has always been an important means of livelihood and way of life for the inhabitants of Ii. Fishing as well as fish processing
and fish farming provide a significant income for many of its inhabitants. In the vicinity of Rantakestilä Harbour, you will also find a fish hatchery run by local fishing cooperatives.

Coordinates: 65°19.5’ N, 25°19.4’ E
Harbour number: 1930
Nautical chart series: G
Nautical chart: 850, 58
Visitor moorings: 3-5
Mooring: boom, side-on mooring
Draught: 2 m



Hietakalla is an island situated in front of the Municipality of Ii. The island is uninhabited and it is located about seven kilometres south-southeast of Vatunki Boat Harbour. The island’s northern shore is sheltered by two breakwaters by which there is an anchoring spot. There is no boat pier on the island. Metsähallitus’ open wilderness hut (equipped with a wood-burning stove) and ’kota’ sauna are located on the island’s western end. No drinking water is available, so you must bring it with you.

Coordinates: 65°29.8’ N, 25°09.0’ E
Harbour number: 1932
Nautical chart series: G
Nautical chart: 851, 58
Mooring: anchor, pil


Fishing Harbour has three boat piers, a loading platform and a boat ramp made of concrete. There should be a toilet inside the harbour hall. The demand for mooring spaces has grown and they are sometimes in short supply. There is a
beach with a sandy seabed in the harbour. The harbour is a base for professional and recreational fishing, boat transport and other boating activities. People also visit their summer cottages located on nearby islands from the harbou

Information gathered from Visit Bothnian Bay