Röyttä island

Located in the Gulf of Bothnia Bay, roughly 20 kilometers north from City of Oulu and about 4km from shores of Ii.

The origin Röyttä comes from an old Finnish word for “reef".

The nearest harbour on Ii's mainland is Praava, about four kilometres from the island. The island can be freely accessed by your own boat or by boat transport from Praava, Ii, in summer and across the sea’s ice cover in winter.

The island’s historical buildings can be rented for accommodation and meetings. The local yacht clubs and associations have built their bases on the island.

There are a large variety of habitats on Röyttä. Its deciduous-dominated old-growth forests with plenty of decaying wood are extremely valuable from the perspective of nature conservation. The sparse number of trees is due to Röyttä’s
grazing history and the use of the island for ship-loading activities.

The beautiful sandy beaches of Satakari Island are to be found on the southern side of Röyttä. Except for its built southern tip, Röyttä belongs to the Röyttä Natura 2000 site.

Coordinates: 65°16.3’ N, 25°13.0 E
Harbour number: 1927
Nautical chart series: G
Nautical chart: 847, 850, 57, 58
Mooring: buoy
Visitor moorings: 80
Draught: 2 - 3 m

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