Hiastinhaara nature trail and birdwatching tower

Openings in June 17th 2017

Nature trail and birdwatching tower are situated close to the Ii centre (around 4,5 km) on the Hiastinlahti Bay, where tributary stream of Ii river, also flows. Hiastinlahti belongs to the network of Natura 2000 nature protection areas, and is also remarkable place for the waterfowls and waders during the nesting and migration. You can reach this area by car or by bike from the Ii city centre. The information signs are leading you from the highway E4 to Kantolantie, and after driving 1,5 km turn to left and drive in the end of the street, where you can park your car or bike

There are two different trails in the Hiastinhaara nature trail -area:
1. Hiastinhaara -trail (2km) which is going through the whole area from the parking place to the birdwatching tower, and via lean-to back to the parking place.

2. Patakari -trail (0.7km) which is going from the lean-to via birdwatching tower back to the lean-to.

Other available services in the area are outhouse, firewoods next to the lean-to and 7 informative signs, which are telling more about the surrounding nature.

In summertime there are sheeps in the area, and it’s important to keep the gates closed! Stay also on the marked trails, so you do not disturb the wildlife!

The best visiting time is throughout the open water season. Biking is not permitted in the nature trail -area.

The entire area is newly renowated and the new birdwatching tower has been built in 2016-2017. Trail and paths are also suitable for families with children.