Ii is known for its fishing. The waterways in Ii reward fishing enthusiasts with excellent locations for rich catches.

The Iijoki, Olhavanjoki and Kuivajoki Rivers run through the municipality of Ii. In ancient times, these rivers were among the more important waterways along the Bay of Bothnia. These days in Ii the shore line is over 50 kilometers long.

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Professional fishing

Even today, the Rantakestilä area is known for its professional fishermen; fishing has always been an important means of livelihood and way of life for the inhabitants of Ii.

Fishing as well as fish processing and fish farming provide a significant income for many of its inhabitants. In the vicinity of Rantakestilä Harbour, you will also find a fish hatchery run by local fishing cooperatives.Most of the fish species in the Bothnian Bay are freshwater fish. The most common are the vendace, the Baltic herring, the salmon, the sea trout and the lamprey.