Culture Heritage route and Enviromental Art Park

Get inspired by the history and art

The culture heritage route of Ii start from the historical centre of Ii (Old Hamina, address Puistotie 4, Ii) and takes you to the Environmental Art Park and to Art Center KulttuuriKauppila (address Rantakestiläntie 9, Ii). The route is approximately 2 kilometers.

The Environmental Art Park of Ii was opened in June 2012. The park is located in the centre of Ii, near the highway 4. Park has a picnic and a stone-skipping place.

Art Ii Biennial produces works of art for the Environmental Art Park located near the Ii village centre. The park is a popular recreational destination for residents and tourists. KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre maintains the park jointly with the Ii parish and he municipal technical services.

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